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There are Millions of images revolving around Facebook related to almost every topic. May it be related to art, photos of people, adventure or anything. It is easy to save images from Facebook to your device or print them. Here are the ways to save images with these simple steps or dial Facebook Support Phone Number at 1-855-777-5686:


To save them to a Specific location on Computer:

1.  Tap on the thumbnail of the image you want to save. It will open up the full-sized and suitable image to save.

2. Right-click on image and select the option "Save Image as"

3. Finalize the name with which you want to save your file. A standard name will be given in the box and you may leave it the way it is or chooses a preferred name to save your file.

4. Now save the image where you can get it later on your device. Where ever you are opting to save, make sure to remember that place. Making a folder would be a good option.

5. You can also print it to keep a copy or for different purposes.


 To save it to a Phone or Tablet:

1. Go to Home screen of your Profile

2. Open the Apps Menu on your Android device (depending on your device type)

3. Tap "Gallery" and then "Downloads"

4. Once saved, you can edit or delete your downloaded images accordingly


Taking a Screenshot of Images will be a good option for using them later or you can share them for future purposes. For other queries, Visit Facebook Customer Service and get free assistance.

Visit the link below:


Facebook help 24*7
texas, United States